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FMN Denounces Arrest Activists and Volunteer of Save the Countryside in the Philippines: Provide Health Insurance and Stop Criminalization of Filipino People

Written By PP FMN on Kamis, 23 April 2020 | 03.28

People around the world are the victims who suffer the most from the middle health crisis pandemic Covid-19. The economic condition of the people which have long been in crisis must be increasingly overwhelmed by the outbreak. Government policies of various countries have similarities in the application of social restrictions, lockdown and quarantine, namely using military apparatus and police to threaten the people. Various sanctions from a fine form of money until criminal threats become real terror for the people. Meanwhile, the Government's ability to ensure the safety, health and livelihoods of people is very low.

In the Philippines there has been a arrest of six volunteers and activists members of the SAGIP Kansway (Save the Countryside). The arrest was carried out by the police in Bulacan province when the volunteers were on their way to distribute assistance to workers and peasants in rural areas affected by the Lockdown policy of the Duterte government. Those arrested were one farmer, a paralegal and four members of the Youth for Food Sovereignty (YFS) organization. The pretext of arrest was because they did not obey the rules set by the government and were accused of being an instigator of the people. So that all the relief items carried out by volunteers were also confiscated by the police.

FMN expressed a violent condemnation of the Philippine government using militaristic means in the handling of the Covid-19 outbreak. Filipinos like the people of Indonesia and other countries, do not need a militaristic approach, but the certainty of safety, health and fulfillment of life needs. There is no reason for the Duterte regime to prohibit humanitarian activities and help fellow people in addressing the ongoing health and economic crisis. The arrest of six activists and volunteers was a violation of the democratic rights of people.

On that basis, FMN expressed full support of the activities of humanitarian volunteers in the Philippines who consistently run humanitarian works amid the Covid-19. And demanded to the Duterte government to immediately liberate the arrested activists and volunteers and stop the militaristic approach to handling the pandemic Covid-19.

On this occasion, the FMN also conveyed the criticism of the Indonesian government led by President Joko Widodo. The Government of Indonesia is not supposed to spread terror by deploying police and military officers to set the people in order, prohibiting the activities of the people, and threatening the people with sanctions even until criminal threats. Indonesian people need health certainty, medical personnel to provide knowledge, guarantee of decent life needs and job certainty, people do not need terror.

Jakarta, 23 April 2020
Central Committees
Front Mahasiswa Nasional

Symphati Dimas R

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